Voting for the IWGA Athlete of the Year 2018

For the first time, one of our players is selected to be nominated "Athlete of the year", for the IWGA - the International World Games Association - organizer every four years of the World Games which gather, under the IOC aegis, competitions of about 30 non-Olympic disciplines. Among all the sports candidates we are probably the one that brings together the most practitioners, but it's necessary to encourage them to vote. We need you, therefore, to disseminate this information and ask your members to vote on the IWGA site for the Cambodian three-time world marksmanship champion consecutively, Ke Leng.
You can read a very short summary of her career - and her competitors - on the IWGA website - - where all your members can vote once a day, twice in subscribing to the IWGA Newsletter.
Once connected to this site just click on the button bouton vote

then go and vote on Ke Leng's photo boulessports
Broadly distribute this information.

Petanque - F.I.P.J.P

Lyonnaise - F.I.B

Raffa Volo - C.B.I