Meeting steering Committee of the CMSB
09 & November 10th, 2018, in Switzerland in the canton of Vaud at Lausanne, city queen of the world sports, two work days in meetings enriching at the Maison du Sport (MSI). With in the chair speaker, Monsieur Claude Azéma many such as: Philippe Leuba, State Counsellor, representatives of the municipality of Lausanne, Max Bishop (Vice-president of the IWGA - Worldwide games -) of the persons in charge in CIO…
Boules Lyonnaises: World Championships 2018 U/18 and U/23
World Championships in China from October 22nd to October 28th, 2018 with Jiaxing U/18 and U/23 Young people & Female. Gold medal for France which gains the first mixed relay in double in front of Slovenia awards a medal to money. The bronze medals are for Turkey and Croatia. Find all the results of this competition Boules Sport...
Official statement meeting of the CMSB
A meeting with 3 presidents FIPJP - FIB - CBI was held in Lyon (France) last Friday and Saturday. Please find hereafter a joint communiqué signed by the three presidents at the conclusion of the work meetings for which they signed an agreement of confidentiality. It will be followed of a more detailed report in a few days.
XVIIIèmes Jeux Méditerranéens Tarragone 2018
The Mediterranean Games 2018 began today - a powerful website is remarkably held up to date diffuses all the results got by the teams & the athletes with the 3 disciplines of the Sport
General Assembly CBI held in Mendrisio on 26th May
General Assembly held in Mendrisio on 26th May - The extraordinary assembly of CBI was held in Mendrisio-Switzerland on the 26th May 2018. The new executive committee was elected unanimously by the votes of 39 countries represented out of 51 members for the following 4 years term.
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